Cosmetic business accelerator champion (CoBAC) is a business model established to accelerate sales among the key players in the beauty and cosmetic industry. This approach works by cutting down on marketing costs through employment creation of the youth
As an enterprise in the business acceleration we intend to partner with skilled youth in the beauty and cosmetics industry to make this happen.
Benefits of CoBAC
We shall make available a Business start up kit in partnership with leading companies in the beauty and cosmetic industry and other stakeholders
Access to entrepreneurship sessions on our our platform that will help you engage meaningful in the market place and retain customers
Provide placement in salons
Become a brand ambassador of a leading beauty company by marketing and selling their products
Please note all these interventions will create additional income for you! The choice is yours.

Who is eligble?
One must be skilled or trained in the beauty and/or cosmetic industry
One must sing up or like in all our social media platforms
One ,must attend the 2 hr entrepreneurship session on
One must fill up the entry forms on our website or as sent in emails
Actively participate in our quizzes as posted on all our platforms and directed by our sponsors

  1. what is the selection criteria?
  • The sponsor dictates the number of individuals to sponsor in most instances not less than 20 at any given time
  • The sponsor determines what category of beauty products to offer
  • The sponsor determines a quiz or a method of engaging the applicants in order to select the qualified individuals on our platforms this is done in partnership with LDM management
  • Lilians-daily mirror communicates with the selected applicants and organizes for a meet up with the sponsor in most instances through a webner for orientation and further directions

How do I increase my chances of being selected?
This is simple just engage on our platforms and be sure you got what it takes to do whatever the sponsor requires in this case marketing their products and building their brand. Secondly lilians-dailmirror will be posting upcoming sponsors on their platforms and therefore the tip here is to know about the sponsor and what they stock. 80% of the questions will possibly come from the company products or services offered
Good news should you impress the sponsoring agent you may win one of their branding products for instance Caps,,T-shirts,Aprons or other gift vouchers etc again. The sponsor is at the discretion of determining how many receive the gifts. The journey begins like our page Lilians daily mirror on facebook, tweeter and instagram you never know you could be the next lucky winner of a CoBAC start up kit

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