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Boosting sales in the cosmetics business

Have you ever wondered why your attempt to sell your beauty products online is unfruitful or does not yield its intended results? Well you are not alone.
Your desire to boost your sales is only a click away follow this page for a step by step nuggets on how this can has worked for many enterprises in the beauty industry
At Lilians-daily mirror, we look forward to offer quality strategic ideas on how to make this work!
Online Platforms for salons, spas, barber and beauty shops
It might sound mind blogging to talk about online visibility however to enjoy 100% commission an enterprise should have its own site to attract more online clients besides the walk ins. The main ones include online bookings services and online shops.
Benefits of boosting sales online

  1. Enjoy your 100% profit since there is no intermediary platform that earn commission on each client you receive hence a better cash flow
  2. You are assured of retaining customers because of the one on one online interactions
  3. It is less costly compared to printing fliers, posting on billboards and hiring sales persons. The running costs are equally minimal
  4. There is flexibility of operating from anywhere and enjoy continuous with your clientele as you handle their just in time
    No opening time restrictions

Revenue projections
From a survey with small salon operators/beauty shops, It it is estimated that a minimum of 100 customers book online services /purchase products in a month. If each client spends a minimum of ksh.1000 this translates to a bare minimum of 100,000 monthly and 2,400,000 annually this is besides the usual walk in clients.With our strategies to increase sales this numbers are expected to double or even triple

# zero commission on online sales/booking
All clients making purchases online shall do it free off any charges besides they shall receive services/goods at 5-10% discounted prices to encourage more online referrals. This therefore means more clients will prefer online bookings as opposed to making calls which is more costly. The enterprise will not need to pay for brokers to book on your behalf. There is less competition since the client can only access your services unlike a platform where many businesses are displayed
Important to note
Have a functional contact address to keep clients interactive and make more purchases
Give clear directions of premises incase of clients who pick orders by themselves
Use reliable courier services so clients do not need to keep waiting online for deliveries
Use the clients preferred courier service in case of remote locations

Make your site active by sending messages to clients on bonuses and new services available, this keep clients coming and your site active. Always and I mean always work on a bonus even it is every three months.
Example of bonuses
Free manicure for every ksh 3000 spent
30% discounts during off peak seasons/days of course this can be up to 50% .Keep in mind the 3Cs as you work on your bonuses.
The cost of the product/service being offered
The consumer preference
The competitive environment

# On line and off line interactive services
Keep clients updated of any seasoned employee by posting their photo and quality they bring in to the industry. (pexel)
Inform clients of any new products and give tangible reasons why you are stocking it. One mistake beauty outlets make is to stock everything in the market without verifying its relevance to their customers. The fact that a product is selling in the west does not imply it will attract clients on the east!. It would be great to get feedback from your clients in case of a new product or service
This approach is suitable regardless of your cosmetic category, skin care, hair cosmetics, color cosmetics, fragrance cosmetics and personal care cosmetics

According to a survey conducted during covid 19 initial stages, 8 out every 10 salon operators prefer online services this is because most clients are of the opinion they can save on cost and time and reduce on chances of contracting the virus. The operators feel it is less costly to engage clients online and reach a wider range of customers. Many local and international beauty industries have made it in e- commerce

# Recruit beauty ambassadors
These are individuals who can sell on your behalf either offline or through their media platforms and earn. This requires thorough training on kind of services offered and products stocked. The champion should be skilled and be conversant with the market trends and market segment/niche you serve. Eventually they will be experts and that way to increase on your sales as you create employment for others
#Loyalty clubs
This is a way of appreciating your loyal clients It means in each transaction you earn points which can be redeemed to get discounts or free services. Take a stock of your customers birthdays whereby they earn free points for instance 300 points. Clearly state the value of points e.g. 50 points make ksh 1 for purchases done etc.
The easiest way is to ensure the clients have accounts on your site to monitor their points this gives them a drive to keep using your products and increase sales. Clients can earn automatic points in making referrals e.g 500 points and signing up on your site ( 300 points).

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