My journey

“Health and fitness? me no way?”

These words echoed in my ears every time I thought I was unfit and needed to stay healthy. However, with time I realised being slim is not necessarily an indication of good health. I suffered a lung condition that prompted me to change my lifestyle. I had to change my diet and exercise regularly. Guess what? it is working out perfect I do workouts from home jumping at least 50-100; times daily! jogging and running short distances.

While it would have been possible to ignore such simple moves, I have managed to breathe normally and I hardly face shortness in breathing. Of course, fitness programs are varied in intensity and duration. I use a lung exerciser (Spirometer) occasionally too.

My diet now consists of anti-inflammatory foods since a lot of mucus is being generated due to fibrosis. Some foods that must be avoided include dairy products (especially ice cream), wheat, corn, cold and raw foods, watermelon, bananas, salty foods, soda, and other sweet foods containing simple processed sugar this is because they produce lots of mucus in the lungs

Well, I am still trying to manage my craving for ice cream and milkshakes.. lol.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has got loads of sacrifices to be made which every individual keen on their health must adhere to. My new lifestyle involves the following :

Steam therapy

Steam therapy, or steam inhalation, involves inhaling water vapour to open the airways and help the lungs drain mucus.


Regular exercises. both indoors and outdoors this however is not very vigorous since the goal is to exercise the lungs e.g. jogging, jumping, climbing stairs and house chores

Dietary change

Taking Green tea.and anti-inflammatory foods.e.g
turmeric, leafygreens, cherries,blueberries,olives,walnuts,beanslentils
Mullein exract /tea bags

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